A comprehensive guide to Best At Home Infrared Red Light Therapy Devices

I hope you’ve found this infrared light therapy comparison and reviews helpful. The medically certified red light treatment units will prove useful to everybody in search of an unorthodox means of dealing with colds and pains in muscle tissue. Addititionally there is anecdotal proof which you can use red light therapy to both prevent sunburns and lower the intensity of sunburns. Wavelengths in the range 700-770 nm have now been found to have limited biochemical task and are consequently not utilized. You will find red therapy light devices that never pulsate.

Similar to the other home devices it requires three minutes on each area of epidermis. Again, however, utilising the LumiWave for chronic pain should probably be part of wider therapy that also tackles the real cause. A Small Red Light Therapy Product.

The light panels could also be used on other acne-prone body areas, such as the chest or back. In accordance with , increasing circulation with an ultrasound reduces painful symptoms due to injury. This product gets the total dimension of 8.8 x 3.5 x 3.5. Due to its slim and portable appearance, the lamp is suited to targeting the light to various elements of the human body effortlessly.

LED light therapy is a skin therapy with benefits. The hidden rays of the Infrared Heat Lamp penetrate deep into the human anatomy, penetrating deep into muscle, bone and tissue.

In addition to improving general health, red light treatment may also be used for looks and beauty. Half body red light therapy units cost between $700 $ and $3000, eating up to a 1000 W of power. Some hospitals use it to help relieve Neuropathy pain, heal newborn Jaundice, and speed healing of pressure sores. LED technology has managed to get simple to include special healthy frequencies to light therapy.

A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in 2002 discovered that the unit weren’t useful for weight or fat loss. A 2005 research published in the “Journal of Drugs in Dermatology” found that blue light treatment in conjunction with aminolevulinic acid (ALA) was highly effective in treating cystic acne in an Asian case study. Blue light is utilized to destroy bacteria that causes zits, supplying an effective Light-emitting Diode face for blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.

Best 8 At Home Red Light LED Treatment Device Reviews

If you should be attempting to get the best red light treatment devices, you are probably already aware of the many various conditions and symptoms it could treat and soothe. A 2012 report published in Annals in Biomedical Engineering claimed that red light is utilized in three main ways: to reduce inflammation, edema, and chronic joint problems; to promote recovery of wounds, deeper tissues, and nerves; and to treat neurological problems and pain.” ( 14 ) It’s been discovered that red light therapy promotes stronger immunity and longevity by increasing cell expansion and migration, also as modulating levels of cytokines, development factors and inflammatory mediators.

A review article with this subject states that in central Europe, the quantity of IR-A radiation is limited to 20mW/cm2, which can be really quite a large amount set alongside the energy of the products used in the low-level laser studies.1 in the other side, the wavelengths aren’t optimized (to the absorption peaks) as in the laser studies, and daylight also contains UV radiation and blue light, which might reduce the benefits of red light.

You are able to easily see the IR light in the dark – if it gets too hot, move it to the next spot – we’ve used both 850 and 660 and they truly are fantastic for aches/pains/sleep – the mitochondria are your power cells and soak up infrared light – which means that you will boost your mitochondria – that is everything IMHO – this light send a slight burst of ROS which will be the signal to repair your mitochondria – it might just take a whilst for it to repair… this is the reason you keep using it.

It is FDA authorized for chronic joint pain, slow to heal wounds, wrinkles, hair loss and acne. Scientists in animal physiology carry on to study exactly exactly how light treatment works to relieve discomfort.

The LightStim guarantee only applies to devices that were purchased at full retail value through the official LightStim website. Red light therapy is helpful with discomfort and inflammation, as it has been used from the beginning. This may lead to digestion and eradication dilemmas, amongst a number of other dilemmas, so that you can realise why more and more people are searching for alternative acne treatments.

Near Infrared Therapy falls on the spectrum of Infrared Light which is barely visible towards the eye and is also the shortest infrared wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum. In Japan, there was an Infrared culture ” composed of physicians and real therapists dedicated to further Infrared research.

The Most Effective 5 Infrared Light Therapy Home Devices For Pain Management

Back pain is increasingly becoming a problem for many people today and additionally they have tried numerous pain alleviation methods. While every one of that is unfortunately still years away from common practice, the power of near infrared light therapy has recently been FDA approved and is available in-home for the relief of chronic pain As with red light therapy, near infrared light therapy does maybe not mask the outward symptoms of pain, it encourages the healing of the actual cause of the pain sensation and so, most of the time, after a course of therapy with infrared light, the pain sensation is gone for good.

Although full range, or bright white, light was formerly considered to be necessary to treat problems with sleep, the short wavelength of blue light is now preferred, in line with the “Journal of Clinical Sleep.” Conversely, researchers at John Carroll University, of University Heights, Ohio, concluded that because exposure to blue light increases degrees of serotonin and suppresses the release of melatonin, blue light-blocking spectacles are also an effective treatment for some sleep problems and signs of attention deficit hyperactivity condition, according to a 2007 article.

LED Light is excellent and powerful high-brightness aided by the special medical LED appears a strong impact on skin, the best treatment also reduced the risk of skincare equipment such as heat harm or photo-aging, the wound could be noticed in the laser treatment, it consists of four wavelength bands, also wound healing, treatment of zits, hair growth, the therapy of varied skin diseases such as for instance numerous industries available.

If you’re into the temperature stage of a more acute injury, these are perfect, as they consolidate their diodes and increase the effectiveness on an inferior area of the human body. Remedies are 20 mins, and I was told you need to go several times a week to get outcomes.

The Rejuvalite features red, yellow, amber, and infrared LEDs for additional energy. These devices emit a red light at various frequencies. It’s 72 LEDs divided between Amber, Light Red, deep red, and Infrared. Unlike some devices that utilize only red light, RejuvaliteMD uses four UV-free wavelengths including red, yellow, amber, and infrared light to effectively treat multiple signs of aging. The warmth from an infrared sauna can cause potentially serious side effects for those battling infection or disease. A possible negative for the Regenerate is that it focuses just on red light (660nm wavelength).

In the weeks that led for this review, We determined whether Red Light treatment actually works. Finally, keep in mind that FDA cleared only means that LightStim is determined to be substantially equivalent to another legally marketed device.”

In other words, LightStim’s manufacturer merely presented a 510(k) application to your Food And Drug Administration and claimed that it’s nearly the same as at the least another product in the market—not that the FDA has reviewed, tested, or approved the company’s products by any means.

However, given the broad range of wavelengths in debt to near-infrared region regarding the spectrum which have been demonstrated to have a biological effect (Hamblin and Demidova, 2006), while the broad action spectrum of putative photoacceptors such as cytochrome c oxidase (Karu et al., 2008), chances are that wavelengths either side of 808 nm will contribute to any impact and thus it is valid to consider a wider wavelength range.

Red meat, peanut butter and dairy products are good dietary sources of the nutrient, but supplements are additionally accessible at health food stores and pharmacies. In this article we’re concentrating on LED light therapy and excluding laser therapy. Far infrared saunas use heating elements that mainly emit light in the far-infrared range (NIR-C, 3000nm – 1mm). Probably the most common commercial versions of red and infrared light products are made from LED lights. Red light treatment or, more correctly, photobiomodulation (PBM), is quickly becoming a popular kind of treatment.

You will experience quick results and see constant enhancement with multiple remedies over a specified period. Deeply penetrating red light therapy is in fact a non invasive, cost-effective, and risk-free alternative to all or any sorts of skin dilemmas, skin appearance, and is been shown to be effective for all sorts of pain.


Things to keep in mind while buying at home infrared light therapy device

When purchasing home LED units for self-treatment, verify that the manufacturer is compliant with Food And Drug Administration criteria. Albert Szent-Gyorgi, the Nobel Prize Winner whom is well known for this discoveries relating to Vitamin C, thought that healthy energy rays from the sun’s rays has a profound effect on our health and wellness That would include far infra red light.

If we look at the publication styles on red light treatment, there is a steep rise in publication around the 12 months 2000 and soon after that (figs 1-3). However, the blue light therapy did come ahead when treating erythema , or reddened skin. Because the action spectra for tissue regeneration and repair include more than one wavelength,  it could be favorable to apply a polychromatic range addressing a broader spectral area for skin rejuvenation and skin repair.

This is a brief guide to buying red and near-infrared LEDs with potentially useful biological effects. In addition to accelerating the recovery of wounds that military personnel may encounter during training or in action, such as burns, fractures, radiation muscle harm and epidermis grafts, medical lab researchers are finding that the technology can also help heal and also prevent dental sores caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatments, accelerate skin/tissue healing after aesthetic surgery and laser ablative resurfacing, and help speed the healing of diabetic skin ulcers.

The Light-emitting Diode lights in this product panels emit infrared, red, and amber wavelengths making use of designs centered on NASA research conducted to improve the looks of aging, photo-damaged epidermis.

For example, a 2012 research in the Global Journal of Endocrinology showed that red light could affect hunger, which reduces the intake of extra fat into the body. Athletes or non-competitive sportsman who suffer injuries to their arms, back, legs and areas may gain from light therapy.

No, infrared is a different type of electromagnetic radiotherapy than red light treatment. Used in sports medicine, doctor’s offices, and hospitals for a long time, the introduction of home use infrared devices has helped market the rise in popularity of light therapy treatments.

Red light therapy can do wonders for your skin. Being a natural and potently safe wavelength of light it is now being used in aesthetics and the market is flooded with red light therapy devices.Various salons and spas also do offer red light treatments, but frequent visits can make you lose a lot of money!

So, there are a number of devices that provide the same results at the comfort of your home. We will help you to choose the best, since making the right choice is of course the first step that you take towards better health.

Light and its importance:
Light is defined as the electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths between 380 and 750 nm which is visible to the human eye. It is actually emitted radiation in the form of packets of energy called ‘photons’.

It is true that, our bodies need a good quantity of light at the right intensity and at the right time of day since it acts as a signal for proper functioning of the body.
Light in the morning helps us wake up and feel alert and energised, while dimmer light at night cues us to go to sleep and stay asleep.

‘Light is critical for our general health and wellbeing.’Apart from that, it has been found that it has healing properties too!

Lets see what research says:
In dermatology, LLLT has beneficial effects on wrinkles, acne scars, hypertrophic scars, and healing of burns. LLLT can reduce UV damage both as a treatment and as a prophylaxis. (NCBI)

It has been found that, certain wavelengths of light can have different effects on living organisms.
For example: Ultraviolet, or UV light, for example, can destroy bacteria. Lasers can change the configurations of molecules. Alternating periods of light and darkness can cause different plants to fruit or flower, and can change sleep rhythms in humans as well.

How Does Light Therapy Work?

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) produce wavelengths which are measured in nanometers. The higher the nanometer number, the longer the wavelength and the deeper the light penetrates into the body.
Specific nanometer ranges have been researched and shown to penetrate into skin, tissue, joints, and bones where the light is then absorbed at a cellular level.
Once absorbed, the healing wavelengths prompt over 24 positive reactions, including:
• Boosting circulation
• Increasing collagen and elastin synthesis
• Sparking cellular energy (ATP)
• Encouraging healing and reparative processes to engage
• Increase the production of endorphins
• Block pain transmitting neurons

Treatment with red light!

Red light is the “colour” used and it is considered the most important. Overall, red light therapy is a multi-purpose skin treatment.
It heals skin and can deal with signs of aging (reducing wrinkles and fine lines or age spots) but also sun damaged skin or acne (reducing scarring, removing blemishes…). It is mainly associated to an anti aging treatment as its natural properties stimulates collagen production and increase circulation, giving elasticity and firmness back to your skin.

Thus, light therapy is a fantastic of getting a better skin, clear skin, younger looking skin. It doesn’t need any chemicals or drugs but only led light. Light therapy devices are a serious alternative that works to anti aging cream or acne spot treatments. Their cost in the long term is also very low.

Having said that. We would like to list for you the best red light therapy devices tat you can comfortably use at home!

We’ve categorised the red light therapy devices into:

  • Hand held devices
  • Hands free devices


1. Baby quasar MD Plus

Ideal for aging skin, Baby quasar MD plus is a medical grade device that uses the power of red light to treat and pamper your skin.
The breakthrough technology that it uses focuses primarily on red light but combines the healing powers of infra red and amber light too.

It will help to: Create smoother skin by building collagen and elastin. Guarantees to provide, results that are attained by visits to professionals.


  • Easy to use, only three minutes of light needed, in each area of concern
  • Pain free, no side effects when used as recommended
  • Benefits last for months
  • LIFETIME ‘no questions warranty
  • Generous 90 day money back guarantee
  • Unlimited Support
  • FDA cleared device
  • They also provide a treatment guide and claim, if the device is used as per recommendations, eight weeks of use is enough to transform your aging skin into a younger looking, fine textured, wrinkle free skin.

The complete package includes:
• Protective Goggles
• Travel Pouch
• Protective Lens Cap

Bottomline: A high quality and promising product. You don’t need to worry about safety. The product has enough features to boast about itself and justify the price it demands.

2. Baby quasar PURE RAYZ

Yet another ‘red light therapy’ tool, that specifically targets aged skin, and will eliminate the need for any OCT topical product that might be failing your expectations most of the time.
This device is fitted with powerful, red LEDS, that emit only natural wavelengths so eliminates all safety concerns too.

Best for:
Reducing crew’s feet fine lines and wrinkles
Tightening pores
Promoting natural production of collagen
Restore skin’s elasticity


  • The manufacturers provide ample clinical information and testimonials about this product.
  • Backed by a 90 days money back guarantee, and a no questions asked 5 years warranty.
  • FDA cleared device.
  • Includes instructions manual and power adapter.
  • It is recommended to be used continuously for eight weeks and after that just use twice a week to maintain the results. The device is ‘user friendly’ and one of the most affordable yet high quality product among other models featured by ‘Baby quasar’.

Bottomline: A smart, effective and safe product combining all features together that make it a good package for delivering customer satisfaction. Adequately priced too.

3. Norlanya Red light photon therapy machine (for wrinkles)

Claiming to be the most effective photo rejuvenation device, which uses red light to defy aging skin.It claims to generate cells activity and rebuild collagen.It is mild enough to be used around the eyes.


  • Comes with power adapter and instructions manual.
  • Has an inbuilt sensor.
  • Rechargeable, using a USB cord from computer or cell phone charger . This makes it very convenient to be used anywhere.
  • Can be used in ‘continuous’ or ‘pulsed’(interrupted lights) treatment mode.

‘The most striking feature is that it being rechargeable, can operate cordlessly and thus will become easy to handle.’

Covered by one year warranty, but no money back guarantee provided.

Bottomline: A portable and very affordable, easy to use device.

4. Tendlite (Pain relief therapy):

Tendlite is a red light therapy device that focuses on ‘pain healing’ rather than skin rejuvenation. A medical grad FDA cleared device that has been specifically developed to be used at home, to treat joint pain.

Eliminates the use of powerful drugs that may be used for subsiding pain.
Perfect for athletes and arthritis patients. Helps to relieve pain, muscle stiffness, improve circulation.

How does it work?
It delivers 3 to 5 times more optical output of power than other products, which provides quicker more effective pain management device.
It increases local blood circulation, and relieves muscle stiffness.
Therapeutic use of this device is promoted by sports therapists and doctors.


  • Anti inflammatory and analgesic
  • Best for temporary pain relief
  • a powerful 1600 mW output of the specific red light wavelengths
  • Backed by scientific facts
  • High on customer satisfaction
  • 60 days money back guarantee and 1 year warranty.

USAGE: Focus the light for one min, on the injured or pain affected area for at least three sittings.

Bottomline: An effective and high quality, doctor recommended product that is ideal for temporary pain relief.

5. Light Stim (for wrinkles)

Bringing to you an affordable and high quality product to roll down the years, light stim is an LED based device that used red light technology.
The promising benefits that red light may confer on your skin can be easily seen manifested in your skin with its use.


  • Provides UV free, beneficial red light
  • Light penetrates the epidermis to help increase collagen and elastin production.
  • Can be used on the entire face.
  • Ideal to defy crow’s feet, cheeks, nasal, labial folds.
  • Improves jawline and even lips.

USAGE: Can be used once a day, rolling it over the face. Touch the desired areas and focus on them for at least 3 minutes. Manufacturer’s claim that you will see profound results within 8 weeks .

Additional information:
FDA cleared device backed by clinical studies and testimonials
Claims to deliver satisfaction within 90 days or money will be refunded
The manufacturer’s provide detailed information about the product and its use on their website.
It also comes with warranty and online support for customers.

The package includes:
Travelling pouch
Light stir photo serum

Bottom line: Highly effective, professional grade product that makes it a good choice for restoring healthy and younger looking skin.


1. TROPHY SKIN Rejuvalite MD

Being one of the best when it comes to a high quality and efficient product, Rejuvalite MD Promises to provide improved skin elasticity by boosting collagen as well as defy sun damage and reduce wrinkles to provide even and healthy skin.


  • Rejuvalite MD contains a 120 LED bulb panel which is split evenly between the Red (660nm), Yellow (590nm), Amber (630nm), and Infrared (880nm) bulbs which penetrate the skin at different levels resulting in cellular level changes.
  • It is a multivoltage device, that will accept anything between 100-240 V. You will get an adapter with the purchase. This makes the device convenient for use, by people in different locations.
  • The company provides efficient customer service.
  • The company claims that you will see results within 60 days, while covering your purchase with risk free 60 day guarantee too!
  • The warranty for the product spans a period of one year.

Lots of satisfied customer reviews testify the quality and efficiency of the product, thus making it one of the best options for your red light therapy sessions at home!

USAGE: No close contact of the light needed with skin. Place it six inches away from the target area and repeat 15 to 20 min sessions At least once a day. You may minimise the usage after attaining some desired benefits.

Bottomline: A quality product that is high n customer satisfaction.

A new range of products in the hands free category are LED FACIAL MASKS!
Leaving behind all traditional face masks, these use natural wavelengths of light to soothe and rejuvenate your skin. They are becoming increasingly popular, let’s find out why…

LED facial masks: Are they a wise choice?

We list for you the benefits, in a nutshell:
A hands free equipment that will focus on your facial skin
No need to wear goggles
A good option for relaxation, along with healing.. Get a spa like feel at home.
Since masks are quite close to the face they use LLLT (low level light therapy) which is proven safe for such a close contact.
Using a high quality and trusted product will deliver expected results.

2. DEESSE professional LED facial mask

Red light LED stimulates cellular activity, including the fibroblasts that produce collagen, which gives young skin its plump look.
Facial masks using light therapy are not only an innovative but also an efficient way of treating your skin. The Red LED (630 nm wavelength) mask by DEESSE has been carefully developed to stimulate cellular responses.


  • Uses low level light therapy (LLLT) to naturally heal the skin, using the power of red light.
  • Medical grade high strength mask. So, it gives results in a fewer number of uses when compared to other brands!
  • Improves overall skin texture and skin tone, by boosting collagen and elastin production. Additionally improving circulation, hydration level of the skin thus giving it radiance too.

NOTE: available in other colours( wavelengths ) too.

The official website generously provides clinical information about their product. Its a product that is worth trusting and buying.

The package includes:
Adapter( 100 to 240 V range)
Hair band
User’s manual.

Bottomline: A safe and easy to use at home product that will eliminate your trips to saps and salons. Moreover it is handsfree so gives you a chance to relax too.

3. Project E beauty face mask

Yet another, highly trusted brand among red light therapy devices bring to you all its benefits within a mask. The healing and skin rejuvenating powers of red light are known to us, so not saying much about it, lets see what Project E beauty has to offer.


Clear, lighten, smoothen your skin
Firm and enhance skin texture, prevent wrinkles
Improve skin elasticity
Minimize Pores
Balance the skin tone
Enhance blood circulation


  • Ergonomically designed, user friendly
  • Low powered LEDs used so no concern for safety when used as per recommendations
  • High quality product
  • Available in 7 the colours (wavelengths) too
  • 30 days money back guarantee/ refund policy
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects

The package includes:
Remote Control unit
USB Cable
Power Cord
Full English User Manual

Bottomline: A trustworthy option for skin rejuvenation.

4. Angel kiss face mask:

Red light helps to heal and nourish the skin by enhancing collagen production, and improving blood circulation. Angel Kiss face mask helps to tone, smooth and brighten the skin.


  • Easy to use
  • Low on cost, so very affordable
  • Comparing it by weight from, other suggested brands we find that it is slightly heavier.
  • Available in 7 different wavelengths (concord)
  • One year warranty

The mask comes with an elastic strap to keep the mask in place even while you tilt a little.The remote control enables you to set the treatment time.

110v-240v Adapter
Remote Control for intensity setting
Head Bandage
User Manual

There is no mention of any refund policy whatsoever.

Bottom line: Very affordable yet a quality product. Trusted and used by many. It can also be a wise purchase.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Choose the one that suits your needs and harness the healing power of red light!













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